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The organic marketing platform built for business enterprise SEO, content and website teams.



Give visitors a reason to keep coming back.

The organic marketing platform built for business enterprise SEO, content and website teams.



Give visitors a reason to keep coming back.

Keywords Research

Finding the right keywords helps you better understand your target market and how they search for your goods, services, or content.

Track Keyword Rankings

In the process of tracking rankings for multiple keywords over time on multiple search engines and URLs, we use premium tools.

Create winning Contents

Creating content that generates results for your business using a successful content marketing strategy.

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Built-in Trust,

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The organic marketing platform for enterprise teams.

Grow your website traffic and revenue with the best in class SEO and content marketing technology.
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Barly Vallendito

“Tarik digital content team partners closely with our colleagues at Mono to uncover the SEO insights we need.”

Director, Dipa Inhouse

Julia Wallance

“I you want to build a sophisticated, enterprise SEO strategy. you need a true partner, not just a tool.”

Director, Fundigoco

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answer to the uestions we are most commonly asked by our customers

What is organic marketing (SEO)?
Marketing that generates traffic naturally rather than through paid methods refers to organic marketing. Blogging, case studies, guest posts, unpaid tweets, and Facebook posts all fall under this category. To increase brand awareness, organic marketing makes use of SEO, social media and other channels.
How do we do SEO for a Website?
  • Do keyword research and use relevant terms.
  • Keywords play an important role in SEO.
  • Place keywords throughout your page.
  • Include SEO in Permalinks
  • Hyperlink your existing content
  • Write high-quality content
  • Optimize your images
  • Page speed
  • Don’t forget your mobile version!
What is step of SEO?

Here are the SEO steps we take to make sure your site has what search engines are looking for.

  • We do keyword research and use relevant terms.
  • Keywords are vital to SEO.
  • Include keywords throughout your page.
  • Optimize permalinks.
  • Connect existing content.
  • Create high-quality content.
  • Use optimized images.
  • Optimize the page speed.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Code optimization.
  • Technical setup (Off Page SEO)
  • Continually monitor the website until it ranks and traffic begins to flow.
Should I hire someone to do my SEO?
In order to achieve long-term success, you should hire a dedicated freelancer. As long as there aren’t easy fixes on your site (like blocking it entirely within a robots. txt file), SEO is primarily about building long-term value and success.
How Does SEO work?
The term ‘search engine optimization’ refers to the process of getting free, organic, editorial, or natural results in search engines. The goal is to improve the position of your website in search results. The higher the website is ranked, the more likely it is to be visited.
How long does it take for SEO to work?

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of a realistic SEO timeline:

First Month of SEO – SEO analysts conduct keyword research, website audits and optimization planning during the first month. A lot of time is spent researching potential keywords during this period.

Second Month of SEO – In the second month of SEO, we begin implementing the changes based on the initial audit and research results. Depending on how extensive the overhaul must be, this phase can take months to complete.

Third Month of SEO – The analyst’s focus shifts to content management in the third month, namely improving current pages, adding new content as necessary, and more effectively marketing content.

Fourth Month of SEO – In this month, it’s all about fine-tuning: content creation, technical optimization, and indexing of new pages and content.

Fifth Month of SEO – In this month, we will promote content management and user experience improvements through SEO efforts.

Sixth month of SEO – The sixth month should be devoted to maintaining and updating ongoing SEO efforts. In addition to continuing to create content, optimizing for new keyword targets or audiences, and updating websites with new product and service offerings, this can be accomplished by continuing to create content.

Does my Business need SEO?

Your business benefits from SEO because it gives you the ability to answer potential customers’ questions. SEO increases visibility and traffic, as well as your authority in your field as a result of SEO. As a result of authority, consumers become loyal to your brand.

Why SEO takes time?

To get results from SEO, it takes several factors to get results: the keyword difficulty, the competition, inbound links, and the domain age. Thus, SEO can take a long time or a short time depending on your approach to these key areas.


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